Valentin PV*SOL®


The design and simulation software for photovoltaic systems

PV*SOL is a dynamic simulation program for the design and optimization of photovoltaic systems in combination with appliances, battery systems and electric vehicles.

Global climate data available

The climate data supplied in PV*SOL are based on MeteoNorm and include a total of 8350 ground measuring stations. You can use the interactive map to conveniently select the climate data. Locations not included are interpolated using satellite data and neighboring ground measuring stations. The import of your own measurement data takes place via files in DWD, Meteonorm or WBV format.

Current online databases

In our extensive product databases you can currently find data records of over 19,500 PV modules, 4,700 inverters, 1,400 battery systems and many other products such as electric vehicles and performance optimizers, which are available from the respective manufacturers updated. With our online databases, you can easily make your own products available to others.

Detailed project report

Create comprehensive project reports with simulation results and technical details in 20 languages and export them as Word or PDF documents. For a professional appearance, you can add your company logo to the title page and specify which content should be shown in the report.

More Details

Polystring connection

PV*SOL offers flexible polystring connection options, optionally with or without a power optimizer, to connect completely different strings in parallel or in series to an MPP tracker. You can connect module areas from east-west roofs in parallel to one MPP tracker.

Grid-connected systems with battery storage

Design your own battery storage systems by selecting the batteries used and defining the battery inverter and charging strategy. Alternatively, you can charge battery systems from leading manufacturers .

Electric vehicles

Select one or more electric vehicles that are simulated in combination with the photovoltaic system. By entering the daily mileage and the downtimes, PV*SOL calculates how much PV energy can be used to charge the electric vehicles.

Summary of results

The detailed results overview contains representations of the simulation results, the results of cost-effectiveness and a detailed tabular energy balance with all the gains and losses that occur. Carpetplots immediately provide you with an annual overview of individual results.

Circuit diagram

PV*SOL supports your system design with a freely configurable circuit diagram. Both the string cable losses and the AC and DC cable losses per inverter can be determined. Numerous safety devices such as fuses, switch disconnectors and surge protection can be easily added.

Various types of design

In addition to simple system design, PV*SOL offers you the option of working with the integrated photo measurement program PhotoPlan. Using a photo and a reference dimension, the respective roof with the potential PV system can be displayed in a photo-realistic manner. A graphic 2D planning tool is also available.

Calculation of bifacial modules

Use mounted bifacial modules to utilize the radiation on the backs of the modules. These radiation gains and the resulting yield are listed in the energy balance and in the project report.

Other features

Choose which models you want to use for diffuse radiation and radiation on the inclined surface. The U-I and U-P characteristics for each time step can be produced when required. You can also save the horizon lines and module degradation per module area.




Valentin PV*SOL®

With PV*SOL you can deisgn and simulate all types of modern PV systems. From the small rooftop system with a few modules to medium-sized systems on commercial roofs to large solar parks with up to 100,000 modules – PV*SOL supports you with numerous tools for design and simulation. Choose the type of design that best suits you and your PV project! The detailed results provide information about the performance of your system at all times.

Whether calculating self-consumption, designing battery storage or integrating electric vehicles – with PV*SOL you can implement and present all customer wishes in no time at all.

You can use our extensive product database at any time. It currently includes over 19,500 PV modules, 4,700 inverters, 1,400 battery systems and many other products such as electric vehicles and performance optimizers. It is updated regularly by the product manufacturers themselves, so that you can always work with the latest data.

You can generate high-quality project reports for your customers that can be configured and edited as required. Circuit diagrams with the necessary safety devices can also be created, e.g. for submission to the relevant authorities.

The current feed-in tariffs are already available in our database for the calculation of economic efficiency. Supplemented with the information on the system costs, you will receive a detailed and meaningful economic analysis of the plant over 20 years.

This way you can get an initial offer in just a few minutes, which you can refine afterwards if the customer is interested.