Valentin T*SOL 2018

Design Software for Solar Thermal Systems

Valentin Software has successfully developed intelligent software solutions for planning, design, dynamic
simulation and yield calculation of energy supply in buildings for over 25 years.
Our simulation programs help system designers, engineers, consultants, installers, tradesmen and investors
to professionally plan and dimension solar thermal systems.
is the simulation program that allows you to accurately calculate the yield of a solar thermal system dynamically over
the annual cycle. With T*SOL® you can optimally design solar thermal systems, dimension collector arrays and storage tanks,
and calculate the economic efficiency. T*SOL® offers around 225 preconfigured systems and extensive automatic
design assistance. And you can of course also enter all the technical parameters individually. The dynamic annual
simulation calculates temperatures and energy values in intervals of one to six minutes. System parameters such as
efficiency and solar fraction are calculated from the simulation results.
For more information please download the pdf

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