In November our new release PV * SOL premium 2018 was released. These new features are now available:

• Import of 3D data from different sources, e.g. City models, terrain models, drone flights, CAD programs
• Interconnection with selection of power optimizers (SolarEdge, Tigo, Maxim) and inverters taking into account the special interconnection rules
• In 3D, a stranded plan in the style of the dimensioning plan is now available for non-installed PV systems
• Strings characteristic charts and MPP trackers for each time step
• Different diffuse radiation models can be selected for the simulation in the program options
• The number of used storage systems and electric vehicles can now be easily entered in the corresponding definition window
• New graph for the energy flows
• Revised Autosave feature

You can find our release notes here:

For this version, the system requirements have changed. You can get more information here:

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