AMECs Aquamark & Education Consultants Ltda. is now a Cooperation Contract Distributor in Costa Rica and Central America for Valentin Software GmbH in Germany . Valentin Software offers  innovative planning and simulation software for a sustainable energy supply. The newest products in English / French / German / Italian / Spanish are:
PV*SOL premium 7.5 (Dynamic simulation program with 3D visualization and detailed shading analysis)
PV*SOL 7.5 (Dynamic simulation program for the design and optimization of grid-connected photovoltaic)
T*SOL 5.5  (The dynamic simulation program for the design and optimisation of solar thermal plants)

More Valentin products:

GeoT*SOL 2.0 (English) The professional tool for the planning and design of heat pump systems (Geothermal probes, collectors or groundwater)

METEONORM 7.1 Meteonorm contains a database with climatic data from 8.300 stations around the world. The programme’s calculation algorithms provide the basis for generating hourly values for global radiation, temperature and other meteorological parameters. Users can import their own measurement data or interpolate the meteorological data from the closest known station for any location in the world. (Meteonorm is a product of the company Meteotest in Bern (Switzerland))