The Central American Business Agency, ZAMBA, is a business platform that organizes market entry in Central America and provides trustworthy advice to European and German customers. ZAMBA is a product of GLB GmbH in Berlin and AMECs Ltda. In San José, Costa Rica.

Our service is specifically aimed at companies that are looking for a market entry and a representative office in Central America. Our focus is on the environment, energy, wind and water - but also beyond. We work in the fields of education and training, offer products (such as membrane technology) or services such as service management, quality management (ISO 9001: 2015) and QM audits. We also carry out risk and market analyzes, evaluate and advise legal and political framework conditions, integrate projects, look for local project partners, advise on tenders or search for financing.

The ZAMBA Company Pool will be limited to 10 companies to ensure professionalism and quality. The monthly contribution includes use of the administration. Interested parties should contact us for terms and details.

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  1. Your new location in San José
    • You now have your own workplace in the ZAMBA office
    • A variety of safe and modern apartments are available nearby
    • The starting point San José offers you quick access to all the provinces and a fast connection to other destinations with the two international airports Santa Maria and Tobias Bolaño
    • In and around San Jose, a large number of manufacturing companies are gathered, but also in the country, mainly producers from agriculture and fisheries are found

    • The capital is a spiritual-cultural center with all the necessary infrastructure of ministries, non-governmental organizations, good health care, very good shopping and above all a high safety standard
  2. The ZAMBA service package for your company
    • Risk and market analyzes
    • Evaluation and consulting on company foundations
    • Legal and political framework conditions
    • Search for local project partners
    • Project integration
    • Advising on tenders
    • Financing

    The office is also available to you with purely administrative services:

    • Organization of your business trips
    • Trade fair and conference participations or their organization
    • Translation services and Interpreting DE, ES, PT, EN, FR
  3. The concept for the business platform ZAMBA
    • The company pool is looking for and connects business partners in Central America. We pool synergies, secure your know-how and provide you with all the necessary tools to successfully enter the new market.

    • With the help of our engineers and business experts, we check the market, potential business partners, their skills and skills, or e.g. The suitability of production or storage capacities, quality management or perform QM audits.

    • We accompany you up to the company foundation (or even beyond), choose with suitable employees and qualify accordingly.

    • For your business idea, we evaluate the political, economic and legal framework conditions and develop together with you the appropriate financing models.
  4. Your advantages
    • Your work can begin immediately.
    • You do not need to rent an office.
    • You do not need to miss your highly-qualified employees at home.
    • A long-term commitment by posting your employees is no longer necessary.
    • From now on, you have qualified colleagues or they are selected and trained according to your requirements.
    • You decide how the man-days will be performed each month (usually after intensive consultation).
    • Within the company pool no competition situations are allowed but synergies are promoted among each other.
    • We protect your know-how through careful acquisition and contracts.
    • Authorities (work permits, health insurance, visas, bank accounts, etc.) no longer need to be researched by you.
    • Quick access to political and economic decision-makers.
    • Support by chambers and associations. We care about your company presentations and the right audience.
    • All you need to do is get there.
  5. Your cost profiles


    • Monthly contribution 1500 $
    • Accounting for engineering services by proven man-days
    • Travel expenses by means of proof (km-package or tickets, etc.)
    • Expensive errands, e.g. for authorities are settled according to local salaries (routines are usually not billed)

    Your comparable costs ______________________________________________

    • The office prices are between 1500 – 3500 $ ++ / month
    • Flight Costs FRA – Costa Rica 1000 – 1500 $ (Economy Class)
    • Costs of your employees 4500 – 7000 $ / month (salary, KV, foreign insurance, foreign income etc.)
    • Permanent rental costs for one or more vehicles are waived ($ 500 + / month)
  6. Summary and conceptual clarification

    In Europe, Company Pools are created primarily as a market entry strategy in a foreign market. Joining a pool with a company who is already established in the foreign market saves money and resources and provides a knowledgeable, qualified team already in place. This strategy can save money on such expenses as travel, accommodation and food, or a company car that must be bought or rented, to name just a few. Because it can sometimes take as long as 2 years to conclude that the foreign market is not a good fit, membership in a Company Pool can provide the same results with a much more- limited investment.

    Joining a Company Pool gives the incoming company the advantages of the use of existing structures, the skills of an existing staff, professionals with technical know-how on the ground who speak the local language and are familiar with the business culture and culture at large, an often overlooked but crucial obstacle when entering a foreign market. Company pools offer certain advantages depending on the structure of the agreement. A somewhat similar business structure is the Industry Pool, where several interested parties of an industry form an alliance to achieve a common business goal abroad. In this instance, there is no sharing or transfer of expertise to the local professionals in the new market.  At best, the products and/or services of the two industries complement one another.

    The Classical Method is to use the existing structures and large network of the foreign trade chambers (AHK). The AHK membership is cheaper, but is often exhausted in market studies, which are taken over by trainees or in more general and less technology-oriented information events or flyer dispatching. There is a lack of specialists for specific questions or for appearances at trade fairs, specialist discussions or conferences.

    Private pools, such as the AMEC Company Pool, combine the above advantages with needed flexibility. Because Aquamark hires only experienced German engineers or German-speaking colleagues from the country or the region, we ensure a seamless business integration into the local market. For example, our Managing Director (MD), Ricardo Vargas, is a native Costa Rican who has served as Managing Director with German companies for several years, and by the summer of 2016 he was also MD of the AHK in Costa Rica. Through his extensive knowledge and contacts, we are able to reach the precise target groups needed by Company Pool members. In addition, we have experience in (almost) all areas of renewable energies, energy efficiency and climate change. From dual training, electrical engineering, process engineering and environmental technology to sustainable construction, our staff and consultants are prepared to move your project forward. And, most importantly, company expertise entrusted to us remains safe and confidential.

    From the initial market analysis to professional presentations, we will strategically target our efforts for maximum benefit to our Company Pool clients. We are also available for project development and project support. We tailor ppp projects, handle the process from application to monitoring and evaluation, reporting and market launch. Aquamark professionalism meet German business standards, including up-to-date communication and reporting. This also includes transparent cost accounting with simple structures. For business trips, our Company Pool clients will have use of the existing office with its own workplace as well as detailed preparation of relevant customer interviews and professional presentations.

  7. MindMap