17Dec 2017

In November our new release PV * SOL premium 2018 was released. These new features are now available: • Import of 3D data from different sources, e.g. City models, terrain models, drone flights, CAD programs • Interconnection with selection of power optimizers (SolarEdge, Tigo, Maxim) and inverters taking into account the special interconnection rules • […]

02Jul 2017
Credit: © Büro F - Stephan Franz

The energy market has drastically changed since Fukushima. Since the ENERGIE – WENDE and with the new awareness of gaining energy from “safe” and alternative energy sources, there has been great innovation. With the excommunication of fossil fuels, opportunities and problems became clearer how systemically renewable energies could contribute to self-sufficient energy supply. The movement […]

02Jul 2017

In Costa Rica and the whole region, it is not about pulling more or more water out of the water for a growing population, but rather about saving water! Ultimately, the amount of water on our planet is limited. Even if it rains amazingly and we have floods, it does not mean that there is […]

02Jul 2017

Straight to the point: Mycorrhiza is a soil fungus (look at the fine web of hyphus between the hair roots of the plant!). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mycorrhiza Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi, so-called “glomeromycota”, have existed for about 1 billion years. Cyanobacteria were then considered in Ordovician – a geological era. Everyone knows the white braid at the root of […]

18Jan 2017

The cooperation agreement between SUNfarming and AMECs is now on the way. Together with the INVENIO University, we will start a new project in Costa Rica this year. SUNfarming has already very successfully invested in Africa and started pilot projects there and established a first branch office in El Salvador. Specially equipped with semi-transparent PV […]

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