Aquamark provides training & education, technical assistance, program development, implementation and oversight, grant writing, and resource development. Contact us with any questions or about cost and payment options.



$1,500 per person            3 day training, (DGNB Sustainable Construction) with certificate as DGNB CONSULTANT (DGNB                                              Standard), minimum participants 15
$1,000 per person           40 hrs  Vocational Training for Trainers, minimum 15 participants
$1,500 per person            80 hrs Training...Exam included and is an additional $85, Certificate of AHK Costa Rica/ Germany                                           (German IHK Standard)

This includes the implementation, monitoring and oversight of all relevant processes, such as budget, timeline and communications. 
Project Implementation is 680EUR per day.
Oversight and monitoring:
Two weeks (minimum)         680EUR per day
Three weeks                         650EUR per day
Four weeks                           630EUR per day
Five weeks                            610EUR per day

10% of total funds granted by the public organization, strictly for develoPPP projects. was set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to foster the involvement of the private sector at the point where business opportunities and development policy initiatives intersect.
Aquamark will coordinate all partners and identify the most appropriate public funding source, write the grant application and submit it, quarterly if needed. Once the application has been approved, Aquamark will be paid 10% of the public funds awarded. In addition, all required follow-up reporting for the grant will be written and submitted by Aquamark at no additional cost.