Our path to a real impact

Unlike a traditional solar plant that employs very few people, a SUNfarming plant creates additional sustainable jobs.
We create new jobs not only in food production and distribution but also in training. These new jobs result in a significantly greater economic and social impact.
The entire investment is financed with the electric injection fee. This means that all income from agricultural and training activities is additional to the local economy.

  • CEO Peter Schrum SUNfarming and CEO Axel Michael Haase AMECs

A proven formula

We have installed solar plants, including power plants with a total capacity of more than 600 MWp.
We know how to manage the entire process, including project development, financing, procurement, import / export, logistics, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

The Food & Energy concept

  • Compared to normal solar plants, SUNfarming's award-winning Food and Energy Training Centers (F&E) provide 70 times more jobs and 100% more food and education to the local population.

  • Our plants are designed to increase row-to-row distance, raised panels, glass-glass modules and special meshes between rows. This allows for horticulture between the rows and under the panels.

  • SUNfarming's Food & Energy Hands-on Training Program develops a locally trained and educated workforce

  • These unique characteristics resulted in the added value of the concept, assessed as "excellent" by an SRQ impact study co-funded by DEG.

SUNfarming has vast experience and a successful track record in its business segment.

We are one of the top 10 solar investment and development companies in Europe.

We are specialized in the development, realization, investment and operation of Food & Energy solar plants.

We innovate with new and award-winning solutions within the renewable energy affiliated sectors.

We invested in solar and Food & Energy plants around the world and have made 600 MWp of which 190 MWp are owned by the group.

Our staff is analytical, energetic and reliable to work with.