SUNfarming Food & Energy Projects

5 in 1 !!! More than only energy and food. Our projects creating stable energy supply, stabilization of the grid, education of farmers, technician and gardeners. That creates for bigger plants jobs more than 50 people per 1 MW installed. 10 % of the investment is reservated for greenhouses to produce fantastic fresh food for homes, market and export. 90% of the water you will save with dropirrigation and membrane technology or rainwater use. All projects are customer tailored even the education modules. We organizing also the market entrance to Germany and other European countries


PV plants and free field bio food production


Food & Energy model at INTERSOLAR fair in Munich

Education for technicians and engineers

Education for technicians, gardeners, engineers, driver customer tailored


Pick n Pay picks up the daily fresh yield, food for the staff and market


Fresh yield every day from the green houses

Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay supermarket in South Africa


90% less water with drop irrigation and fishponds as nutrition source