Dipl.-Eng. Axel Michael Haase, International Consultant and CEO

An international consultant and professional expert, Mr. Haase has over 25 years of experience in the development, design, engineering, training and installation of water treatment plants and of renewable energy technologies (solar technique, bio-agriculture products -biomass, biogas, biodiesel) and in managing alternative technologies and natural resources for related projects including the development of financial schemes for RE and EE projects

An engineer by profession, equipped with strong conceptual and analytical skills, he is adept in energy efficiency optimization, capacity building, training and providing advice to companies, government or universities about energy efficiency, GHG emission and carbon accounting according to UNFCCC guidelines, up to the constructions of PV and solar warm water plants, heat pumps, rain & wastewater plants, processing of chemical neutralization plant and industrial water treatment.

His technical expertise is further combined with leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial capacities gained through years of hands-on experience in the establishment  and management of domestic and foreign companies that primarily deal and market readily available renewable energy products and services, operating in the European and Asian business environments. A highly organized and output/result-oriented professional, he exhibits commitment and deep passion for working in a complex and diverse organization. He is independent yet an active team player and can relate effectively well with people from all walks of life, across societal status, cultural backgrounds and race.

Diverse publications about countries, culture and policy:

Latest: Pakistan’s sunny side, Certification in Pakistan (Political, technical and society back ground) in SUN WIND ENERGY 02/2010

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Land survey and photogrammetry services will be available in the near future.

Land survey and photo grammetry services will be available in the near future.