Chemist (MSc.Phil.) Azim Khan Niasi, Consultant South-Asia

Azim Niazi is biogas & bioenergy expert, technical advisor, environmental consultant, strategic planner and new business developer based on new/innovative ideas. He is currently working as Manager International Business Development.

He is also a dedicated social entrepreneur focusing on creating impact within high-growth social organizations in developing/ emerging economies. He brings a strong sense of dedication to a social mission with solid business acumen. His approach is focused to build sustainable and socially acceptable renewable energy and environment management systems. He brings to the table a broad base in management with following accomplishment and skills:

1. Project Management: Execution of “Biogas for Rural Development in Pakistan” Project.
2. Integration of Home Solar Systems and Biogas Technology for Centralized Energy Systems.
3. Sizing, Design, Development/Installation and Commissioning of Centralized and Community Biogas Plants.
4. Development of Energy Efficient Cook-stoves.
5. Home Solar Systems and Solar Pumping (submersible) System Installation.
6. Business & Resource Management: Business Development, Plannings, Product Development, Certification, Market Procedures and Networking, Negations/Conflict Management.
7. Land-use Management, Environmental Risk Assessment and Management.
8. Sustainable Agriculture Management, Crop Suitability Analysis (GIS), Energy Balance, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), High Carbon Value (HCV) Stock, Carbon Sequestration (C-Sink, Restoration/Rehabilitation) and Climate Change Mitigation, Energy crops environmental impacts (Climate, Land-use, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services)
9. Process Optimization and Operations Management: Biofules R&D, Biogas Fermentation Process Optimization, Bioethanol from Lignocellulosic Biomasss SSF Process Optimization, Establishment of Biofuels Laboratory at PCRET. Hands on Experience with Sophisticated Instrumental techniques (GC, HPLC, Atomic Absorption etc).