Oliver Kopsch, Owner of DWC DecRen Water Consult

Oliver Kopsch has been in the field of solar desalination for many years. His original background is international marketing & communication for multinational companies in the finance sector. He started his “water career” as Managing Director of RSD GmbH, responsible for the global sales & marketing of the Rosendahl collector, a very effective solar distillation product.

Through this hands-on experience and through growing client demand for complete water solution packages rather then single product solution he has left RSD and founded early 2006, along with other water experts in their respective fields of expertise, DWC.

DWC stands for “Decentralised and Renewable” based water consultancy and offers integrated, product independent solutions to solve any water related problem based on renewable energies and on a decentralised basis

In addition to serving as director general of DWC, Mr. Kopsch also works for Antonia Ruut Stiftung, designing, implementing and operating decentralized, integrated resource management systems (water & energy & food) in rural Ethiopia www.solarwell.antonia-ruut-stiftung.de. His specialties are off-grid green power solutions, off-grid integrated water management solutions, and he is currently developing an off-grid food production system based on permaculture principles.

Mr. Kopsch also manages all aspects of a rural development project in Ethiopia, focusing on decentralized water and energy systems (solar water kiosks) from a foundation perspective. Designing, implementing and operating sustainable sanitation concepts with direct water purification and reuse as well as permaculture (food production) currently providing essential services to over 15,000 people with zero operating costs and ZERO CO2 emissions.