The cooperation agreement between SUNfarming and AMECs is now on the way. Together with the INVENIO University, we will start a new project in Costa Rica this year. SUNfarming has already very successfully invested in Africa and started pilot projects there and established a first branch office in El Salvador.

Specially equipped with semi-transparent PV roofs, greenhouses allow reliable plant production in cold and warm seasons. To be successful even in tropical countries like Costa Rica or El Salvador, the greenhouses are constructed earthquake-resistant and storm-resistant. Even the strongest precipitation can hardly affect the greenhouses. Rain or hail, which otherwise ruins a whole harvest, cannot harm the plants.

Electricity is generated on the roofs. In addition, solar power is generated on several hectares of land. The people from the region get jobs, the produced plants are sold in the surrounding markets or the employees bring the bioproducts home. The projects are supplemented by training modules in organic farming, PV plant operation and water use. AMECs brings the know-how from the field of membrane technology with it and supplies the drip irrigation with the necessary wet from sea water or also from contaminated surface and ground water. New ideas are going to involve fish farming and thus use nitrate-containing sewage for plant rearing.

What we deliver is a job machine combined with dual education and training. AMECs also provides the necessary knowledge about quality management and INVENIO provides an excellent learning environment and the necessary land and electricity can be sold well below the price offered by ICE.